Keep it short to hold your audience to the end.

For social media videos we recommend keeping an edit around 30 seconds to 1 min to retain the viewer for the 'call to action'

"Book Now at" for example.


What is the purpose of this video, can you sum up the message of the video in one sentence?


Who is the target audience? Who do you want to watch this video?


The amount of cameras and crew will depend on the complexity of your event and how many things you may need to capture happening at one time.

When filming interviews it is recommended to have at least 2 cameras to cut between in post, allowing for removal of unwanted material and tighter editing, again speakers on stage you will need at least 2 angles (1 tight and 1 wide).

Large events usually require a crew of 3 or more.


You will also require sound which can be recorded with wireless microphones directly into camera by the camera operator but for more complex situations, (with multiple speakers for example), a separate sound recordist may be required.

If your venue is dark, or the areas you wish to film in are not well lit, you we advise bringing lighting to improve the quality of the footage which may could look grainy in dark conditions. Lighting is recommended for interview situations.

(For lighting the venue will need to be contacted for access to power).


Most professional video these days have a lot of movement to create a more exciting feel to the edit. Although a small amount of this can be done in editing more commonly the movement is created with an array of video production tools such as Steadycams, Sliders, and Motorised movement. At additional cost we can create a more dynamic professional video.


Graphics have a big impact of how professional a video looks.

You will most likely want your video branded with you logos and links to websites.

You can either supply high resolution graphics or video for use with your video or we can create motion graphics for you based on your supplied media.

Music for commercial purposes like promos will require a music license. This usually ranges from £50-£150 for a single use.

We can supply you with a database to choose from. You may also supply your own licence free music.


Filming                      £300 a day (including a camera and sound kit)

Video Editing           £250 a day (8 hours)  half day £150  (4 hours)

Motion Graphics      £250 a day (8 hours)  half day £150  (4 hours)

For more sound, lighting and camera equipment there will be an additional fee.


Half day of filming to create a 3 min interview edit including:

Filming, editing, colour grading, sound mix and digital delivery

Filming  £300

Lighting £100

Edit       £250

Total   £650